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This is how it was born


It is a word invented, not by us, but by a woman named Teresa Manrique, who has been an involuntary protagonist in the creation of our brand.


Caitanadas is born from a beautiful love story between two people who found each other without knowing they were looking for each other, Pablo and Alba.


Pablo spent part of his childhood with his grandmother, Teresa, in one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, Urueña. Surrounded by wheat, wild flowers, endless landscapes, animals and the love of a grandmother whom he admired, since despite her small body she was a tireless worker. Pablo was the most imaginative child ever seen, and his most repeated phrase was, can you imagine what, mom? Can you imagine that grandma? Those "you imagine" They gave him a special sensitivity for things, an observation, a tradition, a refinement. He brought out beauty in everything around him and if he didn't see it he created it or fixed it.


In his creative desire by nature, an expression from his grandmother always caught his attention, referring to Caitanadas as those things that were unnecessary, silly. Something that was beyond simple or necessary, for Teresa Manrique they were nothing more than Caitanadas. A word that he always said with a smile and with his eyes closed. A word invented by herself.

It was some time later, after dedicating several years to product design and designer lamps under the artistic pseudonym Paul Manriq, that Pablo saw that he could make the “unnecessary” necessary. Creating beauty to round out the gastronomic proposal of any chef. Creating beauty for some of the happiest places in the world, restaurants.


That's when Alba, the other part of Caitanadas, appeared. With his enthusiasm, his sensitivity, his enthusiasm for life, for contemplating beauty and above all with his love. Together they created a fascinating team, which feeds on the classics, which is inspired by nature, which is fascinated by the savoir faire of the artisans, by the constructions of the different cities to which they travel, who enjoy life and together Also, they created a purpose, to create beauty.

...Go beyond what is necessary to create excellence

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